When you’re experiencing intense, persistent pain, you may be willing to try the strongest products available to find relief. But stronger isn’t always better. Oral pain medications can potentially cause a number of serious side effects and topical pain relief creams often contain harsh ingredients that can burn or irritate the skin.


Fortunately, there’s a better alternative. MAXX Pain Relief Cream contains 1.5 % percent menthol—up from the 1.25% concentration of ORIGINAL Pain Relief Cream—to give you an extra edge over nagging pain. Its non-greasy formula quickly goes to work to help relieve even the most stubborn pain. Additionally, MAXX Pain Relief Cream is infused with 18 of nature’s ingredients including peppermint oil that provides soothing warmth, plus arnica, capsicum, glucosamine and more! Whether the source of your pain is from a recent injury (think sprains, bruises or cramps), or a chronic condition such as arthritis, MAXX Pain Relief Cream packs a wallop of relief.


Comes in a Tube or Pump Bottle!


Real Time Pain Relief

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