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Benefits of Medication Packaging

Medication adherence, or taking medications correctly, involves factors such as getting prescriptions filled, remembering to take medications on time, and understanding and following the directions of the medication. Medication adherence can affect quality and length of life, health outcomes, and overall healthcare costs. The failure to take medications as prescribed (or non-adherence) is as dangerous and costly as many illnesses. 75% of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways, and 10-25% of hospital visits or nursing home admissions are due to non-adherent behavior.

If you find yourself forgetting to take medication on time, tired of carrying multiple pill bottles around, or just want to find a more convenient way to take your medication: medication packaging may benefit you!

pack my meds packaging

Medication packaging is a versatile program that allows your medications to be packaged down to time of day, helping you take the right medications at the right time. The packaging includes a detailed description with the patient’s name, the date and time the medications are to be taken, and with the medications that are to be taken at that time. Eliminate missed and double doses, convenient alternative to pill boxes, and easy to use and manage are just a few of the many benefits of medication packaging!

Who could benefit from medication packaging? EVERYONE! Students wouldn’t have to worry about leaving their meds at home, travelers can easily pack their meds for just the days they will be gone, and seniors get help to stay independent longer by letting the pharmacy manage their multiple daily medications.

Do you or a loved one often forget to take certain medications at the right time? Are you tired of carrying around multiple pill bottles every time you travel? Talk with your pharmacist about medication packaging!

*Information provided by APhA Foundation

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